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In this paper, two silica-based geopolymer matrix systems reinforced composites were synthesized and fabricated at optimal conditions. The composites contained approximately 40 wt.% of Carbon HTA twill (TohoTenax) and 48 wt.% of advanced S-glass twill (Saint-Gobain, Vetrotex), respectively. The resulting composites exhibited quite high toughness, with the shear stress playing a greater role compared to other ceramic matrix composites. To determine the flexural properties of the composites, a universal testing machine was used under the three-point bending mode. This evaluation was conducted using a novel size-independent technique based on testing specimens at different scales of the sample height (H) to span length (L) ratio. Microstructure analysis of the composites was performed using a scanning electron microscope (SEM). The analysis aimed to assess the effective impregnation and adhesion between the fiber and geopolymer matrix, as well as to identify micro-cracks, which are inborn defects in inorganic matrix composites. The findings presented in this study highlight the potential of the synthesized silica-based geopolymer matrix composites and their applicability in various engineering fields.

Keywords: Geopolymer composite, fabric fiber, Size-independent flexure-test technique, flexural properties and microstructure.


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Doan Hung Tran

Nha Trang University (NTU), 02 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Nha trang, Viet Nam

O. Bortnovsky

Euro Support Manufacturing Czechia, s.r.o. Záluží 1, 436 70 Litvínov, Czech Republic

D. Kroisova

Department of Material Science, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Liberec, Studentská 2, 461 17 Liberec, Czech Republic

Quang Nguyen Pham

Nha Trang University (NTU), 02 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Nha trang, Viet Nam