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The intake manifold profile in a marine diesel engine profoundly influences engine intake performance, which, in turn, significantly impacts the engine's power characteristics and exhaust emissions which leading to marine polution and challenging the marine sustainable development. Improving the performance of the appropriate geometric design of the intake manifold in order to optimize the study time is a key basis. This research aims to build a parametric model for the 3D profile of the VIKYNO RV165-2 engine intake line. By changing the value of parameter variables in the model through SolidWorks software, it is able to design and change the 3D profile design of the intake manifold. The 3D model of the intake line will be parameterized based on the 2D design drawings of this part provided by VIKYNO. The parameter variables used are upper inclination, lower inclination, curvature, intake valve diameter, input cross-section. Many different 3D models of intakes will be created with respect to the values of parameter variables changed by using SolidWorks software. The results of the study provided a parametric model for the 3D profile of the intake tract, linking the parametric variables of the model with Solidwork software as a basis for speeding up this detailed 3D design process. The 3D design of the intake by the parametric model compared to the 3D design of the intake manifold by direct rendering from the 2D drawing has a difference of no more than 2% in volume. This adaptability and precision are crucial for ensuring air intake efficiency for marine engines operating in diverse and challenging marine conditions.From the platform model, the change of input variables is displayed quickly on new designs, in accordance with the standard, and thereby the model is selected for the stage of researching the efficiency of air intake on the engine.

Keywords: CAE, Diesel engine, intake port geometry, numerical design.


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Luong Huynh Giang

Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City

Chau Vo Tan

Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City