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The paper discusses how the traditional method of association rule mining based on user-defined minimum support and confidence can result in either too many or too few association rules. This could lead to valuable information being missed or redundant rules being generated, which is not practical and can be costly to implement. The paper proposes an improvement of DARIT algorithm to mine association rules without redundancy and applies it to data from previous years of National High School Exams to Nha Trang University. The goal is to use the results to build an admissions counseling system that can help students increase their chances of being admitted to universities based on their exam results.

 Keywords: Data mining, Association rule, Missing value, DARIT, consulting system.


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Pham Thi Thu Thuy

Nha Trang University

Bui Xuan Huy

Khanh Hoa Education and Trainning Dept

Truong Minh Hieu

To Van On High School - Khanh Hoa

Kim Hwa Soo

AJOU University-Sout of Korea