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Renewable energy is a sustainable and green energy converted from renewable energy resources in the nature. There is a huge amount of renewable energy resources in the ocean that can be changed into useful energy like electricity, store for long time use, or apply in the daily energy consumption. These marine renewable energies (MRE) include wave energy, ocean thermal energy, tidal energy, ocean current energy, salinity gradient energy, and offshore energy. With a big area, the oceans have been prospected that it brings endless renewable energy sources for social development and human demand. The renewable ocean energy shows many advantages of sustainable energy, clean energy, and non-carbon dioxide emissions by generating from wave and water in the ocean with an enormous amount of natural energy resources. The MRE can service at many areas of off-shore, on-shore, and remote areas where need energy to drive daily living demands. The MRE reveals some disadvantages such as the influence of daily, monthly, season, and period of time. The solutions have been developed to solve the limitations of the MRE such as developing the storage method to store energy for long time use or making the balance of the output performance to improve quality of the renewable energy. The MRE has also received many concerns from countries by promulgating policies, strategies, and plans to develop the renewable ocean energy such as green economy development, blue economy strategy, carbon dioxide emission reduction, and encouragement of using marine renewable energy. This paper reviews current marine renewable energy with its generation, storage, and application. The work also mentioned some advantages, disadvantage, policies, strategies, and solutions to encourage the development of the renewable ocean energy in over the world. The results hope that it will be spread development, exploitation, and application of marine renewable energy in the near future.

Keywords: Marine renewable energy, energy storage, generation, application, sustainable energy


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V. L. Trinh

School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, Hanoi University of Industry,  298 Caudien Street, Hanoi, Vietnam

C. K. Chung

Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan 701, Taiwan

X. C. Nguyen

Vietnam-Japan Centre, Hanoi University of Industry, Hanoi, Vietnam

T. S. Nguyen

School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, Hanoi University of Industry,  298 Caudien Street, Hanoi, Vietnam